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Our Services

Asgard’s team of expert designers utilise the most advanced 3D BIM modelling packages and systems available in the market. Over the years we have built a reputation for design expertise and are renowned in the industry for continuously improving and embracing new technologies.

At Asgard we recognise that your Cleanroom and its equipment are a business critical asset. We cover a wide range of professional cleanroom services, from the routine maintenance of your facility to a bespoke designed service. our team of Cleanroom maintenance professionals offer multi-skilled engineering, with the ability to handle both mechanical and electrical issues helping to reduce the chances of wastage through breakdowns, maximising reliability to protect your operations and profitability.

Asgard is a recognised leader in Cleanroom construction in Europe and EMEA. It has a solid base of repeat clients, broad industry references and a solid track record of completing projects on time, to budget, and surpassing performance targets. With skilled on-site Construction Managers, seasoned Project Managers, engaged project engineers and thorough project administration professionals, Asgard Cleanroom Construction is regarded as best in class.