Semiconductor / Micro Electronics

Semiconductor / Micro Electronics

Designed and Manufactured to your needs

Asgard Cleanroom Solutions provides engineering, design, procurement, consulting, construction and construction management services to semiconductor, photovoltaic & micro electronic manufacturing clients with the UK, EMEA & North America with regards to turnkey cleanroom fitouts. We work as an integrated design team member with our clients Architectural & Engineering consultants from concept development to start-up and commissioning services. Asgard have developed unique product solutions has the proven our ability to manage complex turnkey fitout projects. All our cleanrooms are designed in line with ISO 14644-1 Class 5 or lower.

Asgard’s services include:

  • Cleanrooms and build-clean protocols.
  • Conceptual design assist.
  • Detailed design.
  • Buildability review in line with design risk analyses, build sequence and general health & safety planning.
  • Feasibility studies assist.

We understand the importance of designing our cleanrooms with the ability damped against vibration to enable nanometre-scale alignment of machines whilst keeping within narrow bands of temperature and humidity (controlling temperature and humidity is critical for minimizing static electricity). Maintaining the required levels of air purity with respect to potential particles and gaseous contaminants as well as mitigating the potential influence of acoustic, electrostatic, and magnetic fields. Ultra-precise control of high stability temperature and humidity values in numerous processing and measurement equipment is a key success factor for manufacturing integrated circuits with geometries in the sub-10 nanometre range.

We at Asgard also understand the expansive cost of designing and constructing FAB’s, our solutions minimise CAPEX construction costs. Asgard have also focused on OPEX, giving the best package offering for your overall cost of ownership.


For Cleanroom Envelopes

Asgard can assist with NBS type specification that complies with all North American, European and UK specifications. Please complete the specification selection form and we will email by return your required specification.


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