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Asgard Modular Manufacturing and G-CON Manufacturing work collaboratively in the design, build and delivery of G-CON’s prefabricated, turnkey cleanroom PODs for G-CON Manufacturing in an off-site manufacturing facility in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland pursuant to G-CON’s quality system to clients across the EMEA market for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Asgard Modular Manufacturing are the European distributor for G-CON Manufacturing, the innovator of autonomous cleanroom PODs, ideal for multi-product sites, rigorous containment needs, and on demand scaling of production. G-CON PODs are a box in box solution.

We have a wide array of cleanroom PODs to accommodate the increased demand from the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and cell therapeutic industries including the Standard single and double Bi-directional POD range that can be manufactured and factory acceptance tested within three months of order. The Standard POD designs will maximise efficiencies related to production, qualification, delivery and cost reduction and eliminate the complexity of cleanroom construction projects. In this approach, lengthy design phases are unnecessary, and the product is produced repetitively with standard parts from qualified vendors by an experienced work force. There are six standard POD types within our catalogue of design which have been developed by G-CON and are available to purchase today.

Modubuild are a high-tech engineering and construction company, specialising in rapid delivery of on and off-site modular construction solutions for large and complex projects within the life sciences & data centre industries.

Modubuild design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA), utilising the latest design and manufacturing techniques available. They construct and FAT entire turnkey high-tech buildings within their 140,000 square foot off site manufacturing facility. Their design & build team take full ownership of every stage of the project, including design, manufacture, logistics, on site construction right through to commissioning & qualification.

Modubuild have delivered projects in 11 countries to date. Their experience and mobilisation capabilities allow for delivery of complex and challenging projects on a global scale.

Headquartered in Kilkenny, Ireland, with a network of regional offices in Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Sweden & Finland, Modubuild provides expert solutions to life sciences & data centre clients across Europe.

Life Sciences Solutions Turnkey Volumetric Modular Construction Turnkey Coldroom & Stability Storage Solutions

Data Centre Solutions Data Centre Architectural Fit Out Data Centre Equipment & Air Flow System

Mechanical Modular Solutions (MMS) supplies Utility Plantrooms and Skids to both M&E contractors and direct to clients within Life Science, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality and Housing such as Boiler Houses, Chilled Water Plantrooms, Process Plantrooms, Service Risers and Electrical Switch Rooms. MMS also offers bespoke off-site fabrication of Pipework and Steel Work. They provide off-site modular fabrication as an alternative to traditional on-site fabrication. Off-site modular fabrication involves the process of planning, designing, fabricating, transporting, and assembling building elements for rapid site assembly to a greater degree of finish than in traditional piecemeal on-site construction.

A comprehensive range of in-house, accredited expertise and competencies allows them to design and engineer solutions tailored to meet your requirements. MMS can design and build to meet all international Building standards and regional codes with a robust Environmental Health and Safety Management System in place. MMS offers a complete pre-engineered solution and technical support from conception through to completion, offering a flexible and practical approach for all clients.

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