Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

Modular Ceiling Walk-On Grid Bi-Panels

Fully Flush Modular Grid Bi-Panel Ceiling System

Designed and Manufactured to your needs

Our metal faced panel tile grid Walk-On ceiling system with clear void in tiles, main runners & noggins to allow electrical cables, small pipes & other services to be contained within the ceiling void with a flush interlocking tile to grid detail to achieve a flush surface with a silicone seal along the entire internal face of the ceiling. Individual tiles & grid can be accessed from the top to allow access to void or services & individual tiles can also be removed if required. The ceiling system is connected to existing building primary structure using treaded bar drop rods. Standard ceiling grid dimensions 1200mm wide x 1200mm long (longer & wider lengths also available depending on ceiling loading requirements). Flush integration of Cleanroom Walk-On Light Fittings in grid profiles freeing up space for other services within the tiles & flush integration of HEPA & Non HEPA terminal housing air diffusers, sprinkler heads & other electrical services offers a completely smooth flush cleaning surface free from crevasses & ledges.

Ceiling Panel Thickness standard 125mm thk which achieves 1.5kN/m² + 2.5kN/m² + 3kN/m² Walk-On loading capacity (depending on grid span). Various outer finishes available including uPVC coated metal, Stainless steel, & standard polyester powdercoat. Tile Sections can be infilled with Rockwool if required.


For Cleanroom Envelopes

Asgard can assist with NBS type specification that complies with all North American, European and UK specifications. Please complete the specification selection form and we will email by return your required specification.


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