Cleanroom Glazed Walls

Fire Rated Flush Glass System

Fire Rated Flush Glass System

Designed and Manufactured to your needs

Clear butt-jointed or framed screens with integrated fully tested glass doors rated FD30 and FD60. This slim glazing solution can be neatly accommodated within our cleanroom envelope and has proven very popular on every project we have installed it. Available in standard heights of 2400mm and 2700mm. A butt-jointed system suitable for 30 – 90-minute fire resistance and framed system suitable for 30 – 120-minute fire resistance. Manifestations can also be applied where necessary. CE Marked. Available in standard height of 2400mm, 2700mm. Standard module width is 1200mm & 1400mm. Frameless vertical joint system available. Fire rated up to 90-minute insulation and integrity.


For Cleanroom Envelopes

Asgard can assist with NBS type specification that complies with all North American, European and UK specifications. Please complete the specification selection form and we will email by return your required specification.


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