Cleanroom Doors

Door Interlocking

Door Interlocking

Designed and Manufactured to your needs

Fully rebated electromagnetic interlock available on some systems. Option for flush fitted indicators. Systems can be 12 or 24V DC. Our in-house company Actec design, supply and commission all of our door access control and automation systems. Asgard and Actec collaborate fully on the design and specification of products to offer our clients a complete customised solution to meet their particular needs. We prepare the interlocking strategy at design stage in line with the project brief and install all of the necessary door hardware including maglocks, contacts, traffic lights, push buttons, touchless sensors, emergency break glass, automators and safety sensors. We also wire all our doors back to our own door control panel and we provide training to Maintenance staff to allow them to carry out their own maintenance.


For Cleanroom Envelopes

Asgard can assist with NBS type specification that complies with all North American, European and UK specifications. Please complete the specification selection form and we will email by return your required specification.


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