Pfizer Grangecastle

This project included the supply and installation of a three-storey 1300m2  Cleanroom, which included high specification Cleanroom Envelope, some electrical elements, Terminal HEPA housings, automated sliding doors, rapid roll doors etc

Ceilings1300m2  of metal faced walk-on ceilings (2.5Kn loading) and bulkheads.

Partitions1000m2  of metal faced fully flush panelling system 50mm thick to Cleanrooms including fully flush windows.

DoorsetsProvision of swing doors, automated sliding doors and rapid roll doors.

InterlockingDesign, supply installation and commissioning of interlocking systems.

HVAC – Design, supply and installation of terminal HEPA housings, low-level air return walls, low-level extract ducts, supply grilles and pressure differential monitoring.

ElectricalDesign, supply and installation of walk-on light fittings, emergency exit signs, sockets, switches and automation.

Flooring1300m2 of MC-DUR trowel applied cleanroom flooring with coved upstands.

Bumprails  Provision of floor mounted tubular stainless steel bumprails & bollards.

Furniture  Design, supply and installation of ‘Trespa’ furniture.

Coldroom Full turn-key coldroom to client’s specification

  • Project Name: Pfizer Grangecastle
  • Project Size: 1300m2
  • Project Value: €2.85 million
  • Project Duration: June 2013 – March 2014
  • Client: Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals
  • Architect: Jacobs Engineering
  • Engineer: PM Group
  • Main Contractor: Sisk Group (Managing  Contractor)

Outline Scope:  

           Plasteurop System

           2.5kN Ceilings Walls


           HVAC Grilles & Filters

           MC Dur flooring

           Bumprails & bollards


           Trespa furniture


Design completed using:

          Autocad 2D

          Autocad 3D