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Contractor of the Month

We are delighted to announce that Asgard Cleanroom Solutions has been awarded Contractor of the month on one of our current projects in Cork by PM Group. Pictured below: PM Project Manager presenting Asgard Site Manager John Brennan with his award.

I also just realised I forgot to remove the hashtags from my previous post about the quality bingo, so if you were able to remove those that would be great!

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We take pride in our employees at Asgard and promote employee engagement at every level. We strive to nurture a culture that will fire enthusiasm and inspire creativity.

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Asgard High-Tech Solutions

We are delighted to say that Asgard High-Tech Solutions have been extremely busy lately with operations throughout Ireland, UK, Europe and Asia as well as exhibiting at various tradeshows.

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World Quality Week

World Quality Week is an annual campaign which raises awareness of the importance of quality management. We at Asgard Cleanroom Solutions strive to ensure that quality is of utmost importance in everything we do, however this doesn’t mean that we can’t also have some fun! To highlight our commitment to World Quality Week, yesterday we hosted Quality Bingo which gave all our employees an opportunity to reflect on the importance of quality control and how we deliver and maintain quality. We are committed to providing an unequalled client service for Cleanroom Design & Construction and our objective is to deliver quality products, safely, on time and within the budgets provided.

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