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Asgard Cleanroom Solutions is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Puritas PTE

Asgard Cleanroom Solutions is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Puritas PTE to form Puritas Asgard, an Asgatech Group company.

The exciting collaboration creates an opportunity for Asgard and Puritas’ client base to further enhance their global / universal design, material selection and construction of all controlled environments across Europe, UK, Asia and North America.

Puritas, headquartered in Singapore, is a solutions provider for clean and controlled environments and provides the design, supply, and installation of complete cleanroom solutions under the following scope of services, Modular/Non-Modular Cleanrooms Systems, Life Sciences, Data Centres, Laboratories and Battery Manufacturing Facilities.

Asgard Cleanroom Solutions design and construct Cleanrooms for the Pharmaceutical & Biotech, EV/ General Battery Manufacturing Facilities and Semiconductor / Microelectronics Sectors. Asgard always work in partnership with their clients and supply chain to design, develop and construct innovative controlled environment solutions.

John Comerford, Asgatech CEO said “Asgard have worked with Puritas on several projects within the Asian market, particularly in Singapore. We quickly came to realise the Puritas team to be extremely professional, diligent and work to high standards. We presented Asgatech Group as an investment opportunity to assist Puritas grow further within the Asian market. We are very honoured and humbled that they agreed to Asgatech Group having an involvement in their business. We very much look forward to growing this region and our Puritas team and equally offering our existing European and North American clients the same high-quality standards of design, product and delivery”.

Gary Matthews, Puritas Director said “As Puritas, we have served the Asian market since 2003. Over that time our blue-chip client base has continued to grow. Our clients have rewarded Puritas project delivery success with larger and more complex projects which we serve. To under pin this growth we looked for a partner who has the same business philosophy and desire to serve its clients. In joining with Asgard we have found such a partner. This relationship will ensure Puritas has greater access to project delivery experts, designers as well as under pinning and securing our supply chain by have exclusive access to Asgard products in the region”. The partnership brings together two industry leaders in the cleanroom and controlled environment space and provides clients with a full suite of options for future projects.

For more information, please visit Asgard’s website at www.asgardcleanrooms.com and Puritas’s website at https://puritas.com.sg.

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I also just realised I forgot to remove the hashtags from my previous post about the quality bingo, so if you were able to remove those that would be great!

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