Lithium Battery Manufacturing

Asgard Cleanroom Solutions are a design and construct partner for the Lithium Battery Manufacturing segment within EMEA, UK and Americas. We understand the importance of controlling water vapour, heat, humidity, plus Clean & Dry Room environment controls. Asgard’s design team, make material selections within impermeable environment and construction methodology.

We design our Battery Manufacturing Dry Room facilities using various classifications from;

  • Class 100’000 to Class 100.
Our integrated team can assist in feasibility or conceptual project development, value engineering in conjunction with a multidisciplinary design team for all Battery Manufacturing Facilities.

We offer complete Clean / Dry Room Walling systems, Ceiling systems, Floors and Door Solutions. Clean / Dry room Systems Permeability always needs to be eliminated or controlled to minimise the risk of water vapour within battery manufacturing process rooms. Our complete system eliminates or controls water vapour leakages and are specifically designed for impermeability.

Our Dry room wall and ceiling systems are specifically designed to offer low deflection & Dry room watertightness. Service, Equipment & utility panel wall penetration are planned, designed and formed during our panel manufacturing process. Our Dry room wall panel system offers autostability up to 7.000m height. MEP & Utility Panel ceiling penetration are planned, designed and formed during our panel manufacturing process. This keeps unplanned penetration to a minimum when forming on site. We provide full modularity for services & equipment integration such as “Pass Boxes” and full modularity for MEP & utility panel integration. We conform with EN ISO 14622-4 Annex E for materials & BS EN14644 for construction.

Our system is compliant to ISO9932 and BS ISO15106, where permeability is limited to 0,5g per linear meter per 24hours.

We offer DEMOUNTBLE system panels for Tool move in / out & maintenance. In Pre-determined locations.

We have a number of anti static floor options either in a sheet vinyl or wet applied system to achieve Ω 1 x 10⁻⁵ x 10⁻⁸.

We have multiple solution for doors options that would be suitable for battery manufacturing. All our system are designed with interlocking in line with clients interlocking philosophy (for MAL’s & PAL’s airlocks). We can provide mechanical interlock swing doors if required.

Door selection is critical when providing an environmental barrier zone to minimise dryroom dewpoint / dryroom humidity issues. We would always recommend fully airtight door systems in high traffic openings. Dry / cleanroom integrity is vital.

The tightness of our wall / ceiling system is limited to the permeability of the sealant used for joining the panels and doors.

Our team of expertise prioritises the design, safety and quality standards surrounding the mechanical chemical process and to incorporate high volume manufacturing facilities within the process.


Aluminium honeycomb panel core has 3 times lower impact from an environmental point of view as compared with rockwool and PIR. This is largely down to manufacturing techniques (energy consumption) and transport cost to the system / panel manufacturer’s plant. Aluminium can be recycled.

Asgard have the capability and capacity to mobilise and assist your project needs globally. For more information, please contact [email protected]