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Glazed Walls

Glazed Walls

Curved Glass Viewing Area

Maximising visibility into the controlled Cleanroom environment, our Curved Glass Viewing Area system offers our clients a superb feature wall in their facility. The feature is also very practical, giving a wide view into a large cleanroom space. This glazed walls system allows viewing & inspection of controlled spaces without affecting production. Available in standard heights of 2400mm, 2800mm and 3000mm. A range of diameters from 5000mm to 8000mm. Frameless vertical joints.

Fire Rated Flush Glass System

Clear butt-jointed or framed screens with integrated fully tested glass doors rated FD30 and FD60. This slim glazing solution can be neatly accommodated within our cleanroom envelope and has proven very popular on every project we have installed it. Available in standard heights of 2400mm and 2700mm. Standard module widths At we provide a full and comprehensive range of security products and services for small and large 1200mm and 1400mm. A butt-jointed system suitable for 30 – 90-minute fire resistance and framed system suitable for 30 – 120-minute fire resistance. Manifestations can also be applied where necessary. CE Marked.Available in standard height of 2400mm, 2700mm. Standard module width is 1200mm & 1400mm. Frameless vertical joint system available. Fire rated up to 90-minute insulation and integrity.

Full Height Glass Walls 

50mm thick fully flush double glazed wall panels integrate seamlessly with our flush cleanroom wall panel system. Ideal businesses and organisations. Whatever your security issues or areas where maximum visibility is desired, our full height glass walls greatly enhance the aesthetics of the cleanroom space. Modules available up to a height of 3000mm as standard. The height and width of the glazed panels can be customised to suit specific opening sizes – our design team will provide the best solution to meet our customer’s requirements. Double glazed units provide improved acoustic performance. Manual or electrically operated integral blinds are also available for this glazing system in a wide selection of colours.Manual or electrically operated integral blinds available in wide selection of colours. Modules available up to a height of 3000mm as standard. Double glazed units provide enhanced acoustic performance.

Glazed Doorset

Fully glazed hinged and sliding doors available. Fire rated doors to 90-minute integrity available. These doors can be automated and/or interlocked if required. Hinged doors available with a flush frame as standard with wall panelling. We also have an option for frameless fully glazed door leafs which are an exciting addition to our range. Where limited wall space is available, our fully glazed doors can offer greater views into rooms especially where access during production is restricted. Our design team will customise the hardware selection for each door depending on your specification and functional requirements.


Our range of products includes fully flush double glazed window modules. Semi-flush double glazed windows with a wrap-around frame. Semi-flush wall systems with frameless joints. Fire rated double glazed windows for fire rated walls. Blast proof semi-flush windows. Fully flush and semi-flush vision panels are also available in our doors, depending on the door type.