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G-CON Manufacturing, Inc.’s prefabricated, turnkey cleanroom systems represent a significant transition to forward thinking in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing. G-CON Manufacturing, the innovator of autonomous cleanroom PODs, turned the challenges experienced by the biopharmaceutical industry into readily deployable, flexible, mobile and scalable cleanroom solutions. PODs are ideal for multi-product sites, rigorous containment needs, and on demand scaling of production and laboratory space.

Asgard Cleanroom Solutions are manufacturing PODs in their new off-site manufacturing facility in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland pursuant to G-CON’s quality system for their EMEA customers.

G-CON now has a wide array of cleanroom PODs to accommodate the increased demand from the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and cell therapeutic industries.  Moreover, G-CON’s patent portfolio continues to grow which will effectively preclude imitators from copying G-CON’s initial and more recent innovations. G-CON will continue to evolve and grow with the industry to provide a comprehensive cleanroom solution that truly is flexible, scalable and fast, all for a fair and known price from the time the contract is signed.