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Customised Cleanroom Doors

Cleanroom Doors & Pharmaceutical Doors

Hinged Doors
GRP, Phenolic Resin, Steel or Aluminium door leaves, and frames. Airtight doors with inflatable seals available. Door leaves and frames can be fully flush in some cleanroom partition systems. Various fire ratings available.
We supply and install a great selection of hinged doors. Our cleanrrom doors are designed to be fully flush with the cleanroom wall as much as possible. Our hinged doors have a number of options for finishes including Powdercoated, PET, Phenolic Resin, Glazed, GRP, PVC and Stainless Steel. Flush vision panels are available in varying sizes and we select the highest standard of hardware to suit the cleanroom environment in which they are installed.

Rapid Roller Doors
PVC & Aluminium rapid action doors available. Guides available in coated steel or stainless steel. Varying air leakage rates available.
We partner with a number of different rapid roll door suppliers to specify the correct door for your particular project requirements. Solid lath or fabric doors are the most popular and these are available with features such as up/down/emergency stop as well as automatic sensors, delayed closing, safety features, emergency release and interlocking with other door types. Door guides typically come with the powdercoated finish but stainless steel finishes are available also.

Sliding Doors
Manual or Automated opening available. GRP, Phenolic Resin, Steel or Aluminium door leaves and frames available. Sliding doors can be fitted with inflatable gaskets to prevent air leakage.
The doors can be easily interlocked with other door types where required and emergency escape is also possible with the inclusion of an un-interrupted power supply. We have a number of fire rated options also available.

Door Interlocking
Fully rebated electromagnetic interlock available on some systems. Option for flush fitted indicators. Systems can be 12 or 24V DC. Our in-house company Actec design, supply and commission all of our door access control and automation systems. Asgard and Actec collaborate fully on the design and specification of products to offer our clients a complete customised solution to meet their particular needs. We prepare the interlocking strategy at design stage in line with the project brief and install all of the necessary door hardware including maglocks, contacts, traffic lights, push buttons, touchless sensors, emergency break glass, automators and safety sensors. We also wire all our doors back to our own door control panel and we provide training to Maintenance staff to allow them to carry out their own maintenance.

Cleanroom Doorsets
We have a wide range of door types available which include single & double hinged doors, rapid roll doors, sliding doors and bi-parting doors. Pharmaceutical Doors are available in a number of different finishes such as powder coated steel frames & leafs, powder coated aluminium frames with PET coated steel leafs, GRP frames, and leafs, stainless steel frames and leafs, Powdercoated aluminium frames & HPL leafs. Solid or fabric rapid roll doors available. Interlocking and automation components included where necessary. Magnetic locks and traffic lights available fully flush. Door hardware selected in line with our client’s requirements and door functionality.