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Cleanroom Construction

Asgard is a recognised leader in Cleanroom construction in Europe, EMEA and UK. It has a solid base of repeat clients, broad industry references and a solid track record of completing projects on time, to budget, and surpassing performance targets. With skilled on-site Construction Managers, seasoned Project Managers, engaged project engineers and thorough project administration professionals, Asgard Cleanroom Construction is regarded as best in class.

 Skilled in-house project and construction management professionals, each with more than a decade of “Clean Build” experience.

 Rapid resolution response through our extensive field knowledge, proven clean build methodologies and engaged, hands-on approach.

 Accomplished at constructing new green-field projects, retrofitting existing facilities and Cleanroom renovation upgrade projects.

Cleanroom Construction

At its core, Asgard is a Cleanroom design/build general contractor. Our extensive in-house expertise enables Asgard to be either the general contractor of your entire Cleanroom construction project, or a specialty “clean” subcontractor, depending on the needs of your project and profile of your team. Whether turn-key design build, plans & specs, or design-assist build, Asgard’s expertise adds value to your efforts.

Construction Leadership

Project Management

Asgard’s project managers have decades of Clean Build Construction experience under their belt.  They are empowered with the best tools, latest training, proper support staff and the complete backing of our management team to drive your project and achieve success.  Assigned to your project upon contract award, your project manager leads your project from kick-off to completion – providing consistent leadership, communication and continuity. Achieving schedule, budget and performance is never in doubt when working with Asgard.

Construction Management

Asgard selects your project’s full-time on-site construction manager based on the unique requirements of your project. Our skilled construction managers are responsible for quality, craftsmanship, clean build protocol and safety. Like our project managers, Asgard has armed our construction managers with wireless tablets that contain drawings, specifications, submittals and 3D BIM models for your project. This commitment to technology and training allows our field teams to address issues in the field in real time, with the confidence of our complete team backing them up.

Lean Construction

For the past two years Asgard has actively educated its workforce and supply chain on Lean, its principles and its benefits to the business function, client and end user. As part of this journey we have completed “Green Belt ” training for employees located in the design, construction, commercial, accounts and maintenance departments. The diversity of this employee group who have completed this training ensures that lean thinking becomes a company wide business function and is not just restricted to the construction build process. We have completed a company wide review of our business function process map resulting in revised process maps that targets the elimination of waste whilst also encouraging a lean approach to all works undertaken by Asgard personnel.  New processes and software have been adopted that ultimately reduces performance waste whilst adding value to the end user.  We are an active member of LCI and look forward to the continued growth and development of lean within our industry.

Integrated Delivery Team Approach

Asgard understands the benefits of a collaborated integrated approach to the identification, assessment and resolution of design obstacles. Our design team mobilise and base the Asgard design process at client facilities across Europe, EMEA, UK and North America. The Asgard design team participate as part of an integrated client/CM/Asgard design team to ensure that the clients design vision for the project is delivered in line with budget, functionality and project completion milestones. We specialise in bespoke design solutions  utilising and challenging the expertise of our supply chain across Europe and North America to continually improve on industry design solutions that bring value to the client and end user.

Supply Chain Management

For the past 20 years Asgard has developed and cemented relationships with our supply partners across Europe, UK, America and Asia. We continually strive for product excellence in relation to functionality, performance and value. Design workshops, CPD training and production facility quality control audits are some of the tools utilised by Asgard to ensure that the supply chain partners maintain historical supply standards whilst also challenging for continual improvement for all elements of the product supply. Continual improvement and new product development is a core principal of the Asgard business function and this can only be achieved with the management and aid of our supply chain specialists.

Construction Principles

Full visibility of the integrated construction schedule from contract award.

Work zones and priority areas clearly identified.

Just in time delivery of materials.

Cleanroom components above equipment, stairs and vessels should be completed in full prior to the installation of same to minimise restricted access and high-risk works post equipment/vessels/stairs installation.

Storage and location of materials due to a potential schedule change identified in advance of material delivery.

Factory cutting of all openings to panels should be targeted.

The envelope seal on the integrated schedule should be aligned with the commencement of cleanroom material installation.

A detailed logistics plan agreed between all parties prior to the commencement of any schedule.

Daily whiteboard discussions should be documented to monitor schedule roadblocks.

A clearly defined decision-making roadmap for design revisions post IFC release to mitigate prolonged approval timeframes.