Cleanroom Accessories

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Cleanroom Furniture

Pass through hatches. Step over benches. Fully flush door sets, glazing, and skirtings available. Non-shedding core material. Standard and bespoke cleanroom furniture models designed and constructed to meet clients exact requirements. Our furniture comes in a range of finishes, polyester powder coated steel, stainless steel, and HPL. Examples of our range include Gown Room lockers, PAL gown up/down units, glove dispensers, bins, shoe lockers, step-over benches, worktops/benches with or without integrated sinks where required, shelving, cabinets, pass through hatches. We design and manufacture our furniture specific to each individual project.

Cleanroom Lighting

Top or bottom access fittings available. Various IP ratings available. Walk on light fitting option available. Teardrop light fittings for filtered ceilings.
In general, cleanroom lighting has shifted fully to LED fittings. Our wide range of cleanroom lighting solutions include walk-on lights for flush installation in modular panel walk-on ceilings, bottom access fixtures for cleanroom grid ceilings, Teardrop lights for Laminar Airflow installations and emergency exit signage. We have in-house lighting designers that can complete dialux calculations for a quick turn-around of ceiling designs.

Cleanroom Doorsets

GRP, Phenolic Resin, Steel or Aluminium door leaves, and frames. Hinged or sliding door sets. Automated door openers and closures available. Integrated electromagnetic interlock.
We have an extensive range of door types available which include single & double hinged doors, rapid roll doors, sliding doors and bi-parting doors. Doors are available in a number of different finishes such as powder-coated steel frames & leafs, powder-coated aluminum frames with PET coated steel leafs, GRP frames, and leafs, stainless steel frames and leafs, Powder-coated aluminum frames & HPL leafs. Solid or fabric rapid roll doors available. Interlocking and automation components included where necessary. Magnetic locks and traffic lights available fully flush. Door hardware selected in line with our client’s requirements and door functionality.

Glazing & Windows

Flush silicone glazed or semi-flush gasket options. Integrated blinds factory fitted. Fire rated glazed panels for fire rated partitions. Matching vision panels for door sets.
Fully flush double glazed cleanroom window modules. Semi-flush double glazed windows with the wrap-around frame. Semi-flush glazed wall systems with frame-less joints. Fire rated double glazed windows for fire rated walls. Blast proof double glazed semi-flush windows. Fully flush and semi-flush vision panels available in our doors, depending on the door type.


For Cleanroom Envelopes

Asgard can assist with NBS type specification that complies with all North American, European and UK specifications. Please complete the specification selection form and we will email by return your required specification.