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Amgen Project

Asgard completed the design, supply and installation of this two-storey 5000m2 Cleanroom and packaging hall including a high specification Cleanroom envelope, electrical elements, terminal HEPA housings, LAF’s, automated fully glazed slid­ing doors, rapid roll doors etc.

Ceilings5000m2 of metal faced walk-on ceilings and bulkheads.

Partitions3000m2 of 50mm metal faced fully flush panelling system to clean­rooms including fully flush windows. 750m2 of 6mm thick phenolic resin wall lining to plasterboard walls.

DoorsetsProvision of 40 swing doors, 15 fully glazed automated sliding doors, 2 rapid roll doors, 12 pass-through hatches. Supply installation and commissioning of interlocking systems.

HVAC – Design, supply and installation of terminal HEPA housings, low-level air return walls, low-level extract ducts, supply grilles, LAF’s and pressure differential monitoring.

ElectricalDesign, supply & installation of walk-on light fittings, emergency exit signs, sockets, switches and automation.

FurnitureDesign, supply and installation of phenolic resin change room furni­ture, stainless steel furniture and hand wash/dryer units.

Flooring2500m2 of MC-DUR trowel applied cleanroom flooring with coved upstands.

BumprailsFloor mounted S/S bumprails & bollards and wall mounted acrovyn bump rails.

TestingCarrying out of cleanroom integrity testing, lighting levels and LAF testing.

  • Project Name: Amgen Project Hawk
  • Project Size: 5000m2 over two floors
  • Project Value: €5.5million
  • Project Duration: September 2012 – September 2013
  • Client: Amgen
  • Architect: Jacobs Engineering
  • Engineer: Jacobs Engineering
  • Main Contractor: Flour Sisk (J.V) Managing  Contractor

Outline Scope: 

          AES System, 2.5kN Ceilings, Walls


          HEPA housings & low level extracts, S/S bumprails, Integrity testing, Trespa & S/S Furniture 

          Misc. Items

Design completed using:

          Autocad 2D

          Autocad 3D