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Asgard Cleanroom Solutions is a high growth, progressive EMEA Company. We are a market leader in Modular Cleanroom Design for the Biopharmaceutical sector. We are a specialist solution provider to our clients and we focus on the design, manufacture and construction of innovative controlled environments. We have supply chain partners established globally to ensure that we and our clients maintain immediate access to cutting edge solutions.

Asgard is a respected expanding European brand providing a single source for the successful implementation of Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical projects from concept design through to deliverable completion. Asgard has successfully delivered over 120,000m2 of cleanroom space from 2015 – YTD across EMEA, UK and North America with Cleanrooms ranging from ISO 5 – ISO 9 classifications.

Our Lean Journey

Asgard recognise the value of adopting the principles of lean, demonstrated through our daily use of lean tools. As a company we are committed to educating our workforce towards continual improvement through the adoption of lean policies and lean process mapping.

Having fully implemented BIM across our in-house Design Department, it has enhanced the quality and accuracy of our drawing production, as well as assisting us to improve 3D coordination through collaboration with all of our key project stakeholders. Our Construction Department has also adopted The Last Planner System, to plan, monitor and control projects, guaranteeing our detailed planning processes and workflows are highly reliable. As a specialist contractor we provide value to the end user through the adoption of lean thinking.

Our Lean journey is continuous, building the trust necessary to maintain a collaborative team environment and improve organisational business processes resulting in added value for our many clients.

Asgard Controlled Environments

Asgard Controlled Environments

Asgard Controlled Environments are a Turnkey Cleanroom Design and Build contractor (mechanical, electrical, plumbing/process pipe) who have a wealth of experience of designing, installing, and managing the construction of Cleanrooms and Controlled environments to meet cGMP (continuous Good Manufacturing Processes) and ISO classification standards.

Asgard Controlled Environments can deliver a full turnkey scope but can, if required, provide mechanical and/or HVAC services only, coordinating and working with other trades and services to deliver an overall project. 

We provide bespoke solutions, supporting projects from conception through to completion by engaging with clients at the initial concept design stage providing costs and setting budgets for developing schemes through to construction and final handover.

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Turnkey Solutions in Asia / Singapore

Our experienced team are able to provide a bespoke Turnkey solution to design and build your Cleanroom or Critically Controlled Environments.

  • Front End Design Development & Cost Planning
  • In house Design and Coordination
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Commissioning & Testing
  • Support of DQ/IQ/OQ processes

Our aim is to provide a ‘cradle to grave’ service working collaboratively to add value and improve quality to support all our clients.

The Puritas team have gained broad experience and knowledge of designing, building, and validating facilities across several sectors. A selection within the Asia & Singapore market of which are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Laboratories
  • Complex Technology Projects
  • Hi-Tech complex projects

Becoming part of the team and creating shared goals with our clients is a core value of Puritas.

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Working with our clients we design clean facilities to achieve our end user’s workflow patterns whilst ensuring the facility meets all regulatory requirements. Asgard are a specialist pharmaceutical cleanroom contractor, where project success is measured, not by achieving Practical Completion of a none functioning building but the sale of a GMP manufactured product. 

Cleanroom Sectors


Asgard have designed and constructed cleanrooms for all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, from research and development through to product manufacturing suites. Confidence can be gained from our extensive experience and proven track record of providing a turnkey solution for large scale manufacturing suites.Working with our clients we design Clean facilities to achieve our end user’s work flow patterns whilst ensuring the facility meets all regulatory requirements. Asgard are a specialist pharmaceutical cleanroom contractor, where project success is measured, not by achieving Practical Completion of a none functioning building but the sale of a GMP manufactured product.


Asgard have successfully delivered several Laboratories for a variety of applications; we can develop a Laboratory layout and associated services to ensure it complies with building regulations as well as meeting all Good Laboratory Practices.Asgard have been involved with the design and Build of ACDP categorised Containment facilities and can provide a design to suite a client’s requirements ensuring compliance with ACDP and CTSA if required.Whilst most clean environments we are involved with rely on the suite having a positively pressurised process core cascading outwards to areas low lower cleanliness classifications containment laboratories are required to be designed to ensure, at the higher hazard groups, that the process core is negative to the adjacent spaces.We understand that a containment laboratory should be designed to as hermetically sealed as possible this results in……


Asgard work for both NHS authorities and private health care providers and are fully conversant with sector specific engineering specifications and the many Hospital Technical Memorandum’s.Our vast experience of completing numerous healthcare facilities working with consultants and the NHS trusts means we can offer upfront advice and assistance when initially laying a new facility out using our knowledge of what each type of facility requires, taking cognisance of regulatory requirements as well as working to a client’s budget offering multiple solution to different facets of the design and construction.Asgard have completed a wide variety of Healthcare suites all achieving regulatory compliance, an example of the different types are as follows:RadiopharmacyAseptic SuitesPET FacilitiesATIMP SuitesDispensaries

Critical Controlled Environments

Through our extensive knowledge and experience of working with high grade suites Asgard have completed several projects requiring specific and stringent performance parameters.We have used our experience of designing and building licensed suites to design and construct environments where close control of room conditions is needed or where a facility needs to be designed around a specific manufacturing process.Asgard have successfully completed several critical controlled environment suites in a variety of applications including Scientific, Manufacturing and research sectors.
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