MSD, Clonmel, Ireland

Contract Summary

Asgard completed the design, supply and installation of this €3million 4,000m2 Cleanroom fit out, which included the high specification Cleanroom Envelope, with Electrical elements, HVAC grilles, Structural steel elements, etc. Project design was carried out in full 3D.  Asgard won the award on site for the contractor of the month during the construction of this project.

Scope of works

  • HVAC – Design, supply and installation of low level return airwalls, safe change filter housings, supply grilles, pressure Indicative photograph Indicative photograph differential monitoring.
  • Electrical – Design, supply and installation of all stainless steel service panels, sockets and switches, automation of rapid roller, sliding and hinged doors and thier interlocking.
  • Ceilings – 4,000m2 of aluminium grid with approx 500m2 of panelled bulkheads.
  • Partitions – 4,000m2 of flush metal faced fully flush panelling system 50mm thick.
  • Doorsets – Provision of approx 10 rapid action doors, 30 heremetic sliders, and 30 fully flush hinged doorsets.
  • Furniture – Design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel furniture for change rooms, Phenolic resin laboratory furniture, stainless steel wall mounted and floor installed bump rails. Cleanroom telephones, etc.