cleanroom door

Millipore, Cork, Ireland

Contract Summary

Design, supply and installation of a €650k Cleanroom Envelope to a class 10,000 clean area and a 300m2 laboratory. The scope included flooring, partitions, ceilings, interlocking, door automation and fire protection works.

Scope of works

  • Ceilings – 600m2 of fully flush long-span walk-on plank ceiling panels, 300m2 of flush gridded ceilings and lay-in ceilings to nonclean areas
  • Partitions – 1,000m2 of metal faced fully flush FM approved panelling 50mm thick and 200m2 of one-hour fire rated partitions
  • Doorsets – Provision of approx 20 fully flush doorsets and 5 full glass doorsets
  • Interlocking – Design, supply, installation and commissioning of interlocking to 4 doorsets including automation to 3 doorsets
  • Furniture – Design, manufacture and installation of an integrated step over bench and garment storage unit
  • Structural – Fire protection to all structural beams and columns
  • HVAC – Low level ducts boxed in Cleanroom panelling
  • Miscellaneous – Flooring was Mipolam vinyl covering to all clean areas