Baxter Health, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Contract Summary

This €900k project was completed in a live plant and included rooms of various heights up to 6.0m. The interlocking of doorsets on this project was particularly challenging due to the fact that there were hinged GRP, sliding GRP and rapid roll doors interlocked together.

Scope of works

  • Ceilings – 1,600m2 of fully flush long-span walk-on plank ceiling panels
  • Partitions – 2,000m2 of metal faced fully flush FM approved panelling 50mm thick
  • Doorsets – Provision of approx 10 GRP doorsets, 2 sliding GRP doors and 5 rapid roll doors
  • Interlocking – Design, supply, installation and commissioning of interlocking to 8 doorsets including a 5 door arrangement
  • Furniture – Design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel step over bench
  • Structural – Design, supply and installation of a subgrid structure above entire ceiling including integrated handrails to perimeter
  • HVAC – Cleanroom panelled low level extract ducts
  • Miscellaneous – Light fittings were also supplied and installed by Asgard