Bausch & Lomb, Waterford, Ireland

Contract Summary

Design, supply and installation of a 1,700m2 tablet manufacturing facility and class 10,000 laboratory including a number of class 100 rooms.

Scope of works

  • Ceilings – 1,700m2 of fully flush long-span walk-on plank ceiling panels
  • Partitions – 3,000m2 of metal faced fully flush FM approved panelling 50mm thick
  • Doorsets – Provision of approx 60 fully flush non rated doorsets and 15 fire rated units
  • Interlocking – Design, supply, installation and commissioning of interlocking to 16 doorsets including a 7 door arrangement
  • Furniture – Design, manufacture and installation of an integrated step over bench
  • Structural – Design, supply and installation of a subgrid structure above entire ceiling including integrated handrails to perimeter
  • Miscellaneous –Work included 6 pass through hatches which are electrically interlocked