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Our Cleanroom Company

Asgard is a high growth, progressive EMEA Company established in 2000. We are the leader in Modular Cleanroom Design for the Biotech & Pharma sector. We supply and focus on the design, manufacture and construction of innovative Biotech and Pharmaceutical controlled environment solutions.

Asgard is a respected expanding European brand providing a single source for the successful implementation of Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical projects from concept design through to deliverable completion. Asgard has successfully delivered over 50,000m2 of cleanroom space from 2015 – YTD across Europe with Cleanrooms ranging from ISO 5 – ISO 8 classifications.

What We Do

In short, we supply Cleanrooms to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sector. We provide facilities across multiple industries including Healthcare, Aerospace and Microelectronics. We always work in partnership with our clients and supply chain to build innovative Biotech and Pharmaceutical controlled environment solutions. At Asgard, our entire team understands the need for compliance and always adhere to the highest regulated standards set out by the various regional and regulatory bodies, such as ISO and the FDA. Our success is strengthened by our total commitment to quality, health and safety and the environment. Asgard Cleanroom Solutions are accredited under I.S. EN ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and OHSAS 45001:2018 & 18001:2007 S.R. (Health & Safety).

Leading In Modular Cleanroom Design & Construction

We at Asgard are a recognised top supplier of controlled environment solutions for industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Healthcare and Aerospace. Having previously supplied some leading global technology and biopharmaceutical companies with innovative modular controlled environments, we are confident to provide new clients with the same innovative solutions. In recent times Asgard has become a top supplier for Pharma and Biotech sectors and our main objective for the future is to become world leading manufacturers of modular cleanroom solutions.





Next Steps


We are hiring!

Due to our continued growth, we are recruiting for the position of Architectural/BIM Technician.

Asgard and G-CON join forces

Asgard Cleanroom Solutions are excited to announce that they have signed a manufacturing and supply agreement with G-Con Manufacturing at Interphex 2018. This agreement will see Asgard manufacture PODs pursuant to G-CON’s quality system for G-CON’s European customers. The two companies have worked together since 2016 when Asgard became a sales representative to G-CON in the European market. They have…

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